Saturday, August 11, 2012

Logan's Pirate Party

This has taken me FOREVER to actually post. Logan's birthday was actually back in February but after all this superhero party planning I had to get them up. So here is the infamous Pirate party.

We made an x to mark the spot instead if the traditional balloons and if course a pirate flag flew over the house.

The kids were greeted by a live pirate who helped them get pirate ready with a bandana, hat, sword, spyglass and tattoo (temporary of course).

Of course no pirate is can be without his ship. I got lucky and our regular bouncy house company we use had the ship available.

We had boat dogs and grog and a treasure chest cake made from scratch.  

The kids had a blast and we played pirate music. The ended the party with a treat bag filled with rock candy and chocolate cannon balls.

Till next time,

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