Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Super Party Begins!

Our oldest son's birthday is in September and usually by this time the majority of the work is done. This year as many of you probably already know I started a new job. So every waking second not spent on my family I either spend out in the garden or working.

Xavier requested a superhero birthday party this year. We finally  finished the invites and sent them out this week. My fabulous husband did an awesome job putting them together. And we saved so much money doing them ourselves. Here is the front the back is done box style in the comic theme.

 How do you like to put together your children's birthday invitations. Do you prefer buying them or making them yourself?

More party planning to come stay tuned!

1 comment :

Stephanie H said...

Can't wait!
All for making our own invites, but mine never turn out this good!