Friday, December 23, 2011

Home made chicken tenders.

You have been listening to me talk about our kids Christmas get together. I made these chicken tenders for our get together. Since it was for Christmas I attempted to make them in the shape of Reindeer heads. They looked pretty good considering I made them.
There are so many recipes floating around out there for chicken tenders. When I decided to make this for the kids I wasn't sure what to follow. This is what I did (I didn't follow a recipe) and it turned out great and the kids loved it. I didn't get a photo! I could kick myself! But the kids loved it and my husband (who isn't really a food person) gobbled up all the rest! This recipe fed 5 children and my husband.
--6 chicken breasts- I use Foster Farms
--Bread Crumbs with Italian seasoning
-- olive oil - enough to coat the bottom of the pan
-- 2 eggs
First crack open your two eggs and beat them in a bowl. Place your bread crumbs in another bowl.
I took the chicken breasts and rolled them out and sort of beat them with a rolling pin. Then I cut them out with my reindeer shaped metal cookie cutter. Dip them in the egg mixture, then cover with bread crumbs.
Place oil in the pan and heat over medium high. Place the chicken nuggets in the oil in batches.
I let ours cool for a little so the kids didn't burn their little mouths.

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