Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bruschetta text

This last weekend the hot weather finally broke and it started feeling more like October. So for lunch on Saturday my DH and I decided on spaghetti and wine. We had just purchased some rosemary crisps at Trader Joe's and I had to come up with an excuse to eat them. I remembered I had a bunch of tomatoes left and needed to eat them so I decided to make bruschetta! I looked all over the web and couldn't find one recipe that really did it for me so I made my own.

What you need:
3 tomatoes
1/4 onion
2 cloves Garlic
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

First chop your to tomatoes and onions. I de-seed the tomatoes as I go.
Next mince the garlic or put it through a press.
Add the tomato, vinegar, and oil to a bowl and let it marinade.
As your tomatoes are marinading olive oil to a small pan and simmer the onions and garlic till transparent. You can skip this and add them directly to the bowl but I personally get indigestion when I eat raw onions.
Add the onions and garlic to the bowl. Mix together and add your salt and pepper to taste.

If you don't have crisps you can make your own. Preheat your oven to 400. Slice a baguette or Italian bread and on a diagonal at about 1/2" slice. Brush with olive oil and place them on a sheet oil side down. Place in the top rack for 5 to 6 mins.

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