Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gardening Start Up

Although this last weekend was completely rained out for us I spent my time cleaning and starting up this summers garden. To my surprise everything started sprouting on Sunday and look how well it is doing!

All I used was some miracle grow organic outdoor mix, water, and my favorite heirloom seeds from Bakers Creek. You can find their website here.

Last year my very good friend Erin gave me this hand me down starter box. After the gardening season the winds got a hold of it and half of the inside was broken (as you can see below). I went to find a new one and discovered you can't just by the inside parts. I didn't want to waste money since the one I have works fine! So I tried to find the dehydrated starter pods that you water and rehydrate but I had no luck finding them.

Then Friday evening I was looking through a catalog and found this wood device that you can make your own newspaper pots with. I thought what a great idea! But I didn't have thirty dollars to spend and they would have been a larger medium size pot. So I played around with my newspaper and figured out how to make my own starter sized newspaper pods! I will have to post the tutorial to make them. It is so easy and even better they are FREE!!!

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