Friday, July 1, 2011


We found out after trying to plant strawberries on the side of our house that we have a RAT! He is smart and elusive. I foresee this is going to be an issue with our veggie garden. He runs down the wooden fence making it really hard to catch him. But my biggest issue is even thought he is a pest for us, I still want to be humane (this can be tough). I researched different methods and after a family discussion my mom purchased us an electric rat trap. I read really good reviews on the electric rat traps and had a game plan. I put the trap out with out touching it directly (I wore old really dirty gloves from the garden). Placed strawberries in it and didn't turn it on (We live in California so moisture isn't an issue for the electric trap-its summer!). I was going to get him familiar with the trap and then turn it on and get him. But he never went for the bate- he is smart! So then my husband who does not care about being humane put out decon. He didn't take that either. So now my dad is going to come over and do his mojo with his wood traps. I refuse to touch the wood snap traps. I think they are inhumane and really dangerous. I really have a hard time even thinking about them. But he owns a business in Oxnard and they get a lot of rats so he has a really good system down. In the meantime I'm going to try peppermint oil to keep him away from the strawberries. Wish me luck!

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